e-publishing Case Study White Paper

A book was a great source of knowledge and will remain so, but today's digital age requires information to be available online so that it is available to every seeker easily and at a reasonable cost. Online readable content not only saves paper but also delivers Information instantly and at a fractional cost of a physical copy. Many underprivileged individuals who may not be able to afford an expensive copy may find easily readable content over the internet, we provide master controlled Journal Publications, e- publishing and content Management Solutions for every online publisher who would want a personal Publication space.

Client's Feedback

Prof. Dr.Somnath Saha,      MS.ENT [HOD.Calcutta Medical College]

Editor in Chief World Journal of ENT & Head - Neck Surgery

A Big Round of Thanks to everyone at Aaron, specially Mr.Nabendu & Mr.Dev for studying our requirement in such minute detail in such a short time. The entire business & tech process suggested by you worked seamlessly and we have been able to achieve our goals of ISSN and others.

Our suggestions & Commitments

  1. Dev J Ghosh says:

    e-publishing is not just a CMS implementation, there are many factors to take care of if legality is taken into consideration. Plagiarism is the peril that has to be managed as peer review and hierarchical approvals must be implemented before any content is published on the internet. Our system creates intricate review management modules and takes care of primary legality issues on the whole.

  2. Namrata Ghosh says:

    At Aaron Technologies, we strongly believe in diving into the depth! We study every bit in detail, every solution provided is backed by strong papers and perfect analysis. Understanding the project scope is the primary key of a successful e-publishing project. Aesthetic profiling of the clients views comes next. This is one project that is totally dependent on the appeal of the content and its presentation. We make sure that every project has its unique hallmark look and personifies its cause.

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