e-Healthcare System

e-healthcare system Case Study White Paper

Healthcare has primarily been a meet, interact, check & diagnose process since ages and certain specialization sections may require to continue to do so even in future. But the present situation has brought in an omnipresent requirement of online diagnosis for various reasons, mobility issues of patients, proximity to good hospitals or doctors and now the pandemic situation requires the medical fraternity or at least some of its specialisations to go online and render services to patients who may not be able to traverse the distance. Our e-healthcare system are best suited for clinics, nursing homes and hospitals who would like to implement e Health Care in a legal, perfect and safe manner. Our software follows all protocols let down by the government w.r.t Online consultations.

Client's Feedback

Dr.Alisha David. MD. Jt.Director ICPI

The pandemic took everyone by surprise, especially the doctors! We never had any kind of knowledge on online interaction / consultation as consultations for every field of medicine meant physical interactions with patients. The system created by Aaron facilitates about 70% coverage for online consultations for most of the departments. Primary consultations, palliative care, follow-up consultations, report analysis and advice and similar can be done online. Barring a few departments viz. Orthopedics / ENT / Surgery / oncology and similar the system takes care of everything & reduces physical visit load by about 70-80%

Our suggestions & Commitments

  1. Dev J Ghosh says:

    Till COVID-19 hit us online consultation was an alien concept, physically visiting a doctor was the norm, even doctors were unaware as to how they could reach out to patients stuck at remote locations or protect themselves from risk. We have an excellent option for clinics that helps in reducing physical load without any compromise to healthcare on the whole and adds on to reach patients at remote locations who can now get expert opinion without having to traverse miles unless absolutely necessary.

  2. Namrata Ghosh says:

    We adhere to the Government process when we set up your platform, so whether your clinic is in India, The USA, UK, Canada, Middle East or any other place, we promise to deliver a local Government compliant product. The software system is best suited for small clinics, nursing homes and hospitals.

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