e-Retail & µ-ecommerce

e-retail & µ-ecommerce Case Study White Paper

Selling a product is no longer limited to having a shop, every product available in the market is sold online but in many cases not the vice versa. Customers have a huge choice when it comes to e-retail or e-commerce. Online selling of products not only cuts real estate costs of maintaining showrooms but also allows niche and massive inventory with easy delivery options to be integrated on to a system which is master controlled, has inventory management, delivery management and flexible payment options. We provide composite portals for such business verticals keeping in mind complete business logic for any given organisation.

Client's Feedback

Ms.Sheena Royston, CEO, Hi Fashions Inc

We were subscribed to a 3rd party SaaS and it was Free! So we did not want to buy a software or get a bespoke one made. Within 6 months of starting up we Got! The “CATCH” of a dependent system. Being self-reliant and having your own technology for any e-commerce portal which is looking to survive is of utmost importance. My suggestion to all startups is, first get your ITES budget in place, then plan inventories. Consult with Aaron's team to understand your needs if you are unable to gauge it.

Our suggestions & Commitments

  1. Dev J Ghosh says:

    eCommerce is one huge domain, yes! Amazon is also eCommerce and you could set-shops for free on many platforms too. But as we all know, free services / SaaS come with pros & cons. I would only suggest, look at the pros and cons and evaluate, free services have 1 big advantage “FREE” rest of it is known to many users of those. If you want to scale up, diversity, adjust and amalgamate, look to get your own software.

  2. Nabendu Bhadra says:

    SaaS vs COTS vs Bespoke is and will remain controversial primarily think of it as Rented vs Owned (Ready made) vs Owned (Custom Built) intricacies, suggestions and implementation can be discussed with us on a no commitment basis. Case studies can be provided on request which will help you to gauge the requirement better.

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e-retail & µ-eCommerce
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